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Paintings available from studio Eel Pie Is. Studio Summer ’16

'Peace' oil on canvas Lee Campbell

‘Sanctuary’ oil on canvas  Lee Campbell – SOLD

Artists and Brexit:  Great publicity in SW Londoner with thanks to Lucy Middleton

Drawing including some of the many textures and objects around the boatyard;

Eel Pie Textures - Lee Campbell

Eel Pie Textures  Charcoal drawing – Lee Campbell

'Tranquility' 32" x 48" -Lee Campbell

‘Tranquility’ 32″ x 48″ -Lee Campbell

Latest ‘Summer Series’ 2016

June - Lee Campbell

June – Lee Campbell

'Summer' oil on canvas Lee Campbell

‘Summer’ oil on canvas Lee Campbell

Portal Sm

‘Portal’ oil on canvas Lee Campbell

'Rose Irene' oil on canvas Lee Campbell

‘Rose Irene’     oil on canvas –  Lee Campbell

'Garland' oil on canvas Lee Campbell

‘Garland’ oil on canvas Lee Campbell

'Rose Antique' Oil on canvas Lee Campbell

‘Rose Antique’
Oil on canvas Lee Campbell

Odilon's Dream 31" x 12" Lee Campbell

‘Odilon’s Dream’  31″ x 12″ Lee Campbell

Tubular Roses - oil on canvas on cardboard 6" x 19"

Tubular Roses – oil on canvas on cardboard 6″ x 19″

'Homecoming' Lee Campbell

‘Homecoming’  – 30″ x 30″ Lee Campbell


Miniature roses – Lee Campbell


Framed Miniature roses – 4″ x 6″ Lee Campbell


DSCF5823Tiniest yet! Each painting is 8cm x 6cm – see all with prices on website:

'River Mist' Lee Campbell

‘River Mist’ 32″ x 55″ oil on canvas – Lee Campbell  (SOLD)

The Mystic - oil on canvas Lee Campbell

The Mystic – 24″x  39″ oil on canvas – Lee Campbell

Latest Miniatures – oil on paper – as cards.             Ready to frame




Private commissions

'Penshurst Summer' 4' x 5' oil on canvas

‘Penshurst Summer’  4′ x 5′   oil on canvas – Lee Campbell

'Florence' - Lee Campbell

‘Florence’ – 30″ x 30″ – Lee Campbell

Vogue 1  As seen in Vogue July ’16 issue – ‘Golden Lace’  No 6.



Florence Rocks – The Biennale Blog

Sign from above

Back from Italy and recovered from the stresses of exhibiting with over 700 other artists from as far afield as Argentina, NZ and Canada – most were from Italy, Holland and France and only about 8 from the UK. A great number of artist’s didn’t attend in person so no chance to meet them – one of the other UK artists was David Bicknall who had been a student at Canterbury College of Art (aka KIAD) just before me. (I think it’s current name is the University of Creative Arts). Saturday was the grand opening with bubbly, a fanfare of drums and the marching of men in tights wearing Florentine national dress – very fetching! They were followed closely by a contingent of (mostly female) artists with cameras, quite a spectacle. There were speeches, the press cameras and many many people taking pictures of the artwork. It appeared to be mostly artists taking pictures of each other’s work at first (quite disconcerting when they ignore you and zoom in on your work) but I did have a visit from the online art magazine called Bluarte who took a lot of my details ……..

NEWS UPDATE – They have just published on their site the following lyrical review of my work -/

“Can not name all the artists, but basically it is there a cloud of light evaporated from a creative emotional maturity and books in lyrical variations, intangible, light puffs of grace by Lee Campbell. The mastery of gesture are incorporeal and as if the soul had his music lies in the shades of colors in a whisper ….”Without”.” (thanks to Google Translate)

We are sent all the details of contacts and enquiries at the end of the week when the show ends. then the work is packed up and returned to the artists.

The best part of the event was the great artists that I shared a space with – Christine Nathan the sculptor from Paris who had driven there with all her work. Her graceful figures worked so perfectly with the other work in the space and provided an animated presence which complimented my work and that of the Norwegian water colourist Anita Vik Waetthen – these can be seen behind Christine.

Christine Nathan

Also in our space was Mathew Woodward from Chicago who had done the huge delicate drawing of mystical antiquity – he was devastated to discover that only one of his triptych had been hung due to a misunderstanding over the space allowance. His one piece attracted much attention though and he was eventually resigned to the error.

Opposite were Janet and her husband Walter, sculptors from New York ( – with their splendid ‘Oracle Project’ a fantastic chair which imbued one with a regal presence. Walter Kenul is also a musician and we’ve just spent an hour listening to his excellent CD (Goth meets LA). I could have happily spent the whole week there chatting to them all but sadly we had commitments at home so had to return on Sun evening.

Her Majesty

The hotel (Hotel Aessandra) where we stayed upgraded us to an extraordinary room (3 rooms) opposite a bell tower with a view of the river and the biggest free standing mirror I have ever seen. The hotel was embellished with lovely old antique typewriters, gramophones and carved chests and we can thoroughly recommend it. We found Florence to be a really sophisticated city with friendly people and on Sat night we discovered a late night chocoholics ‘den’ where dark liquid hot chocolate is served in a cup with a spoon and eaten in a heated and lit alley way. Felt so deliciously elicit. Sunday seemed to be the day the streets really came alive – crowded with Xmas shoppers and families – it was a sparkling delight of temptation rising from the ancient paving stones and tucked between narrow streets full of shop windows full of glitz and glamour.

While there I met an Italian friend who wants to involve us in a public art project to bring visual and audio art to one of the city squares. I had met Dr Sergio Luzzi (an acoustics scientist) at the NPL when I was working there earlier this year and it was lovely to see a familiar face in Florence. If the EU funding materialises then hopefully I will have another chance to spend time in this lovely old city.

Incidentally, the hard backed exhibition catalogue weighed 8lbs.