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Winter ’17 New Paintings & Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers:

Redeemable against one to one Art Lessons or Art work (either prints or original paintings from my studio or commission a bespoke peice.

The value need not be shown as I will keep a record.

Can be paid for by Pay Pal or BACS and delivered within 3 days.

Commissions Welcome:

Send me a photo of your favorite place and the required dimensions and I will send you a quote for an original oil on canvas painting designed to suite your particular colour scheme.

Recent commission completed from client’s photos:

                                               ‘Lily Tarn’ oil on canvas – Lee Campbell

                                        ‘Concerto’ oil on canvas 100cm x 190cm – Lee Campbell

                             ‘Red Sails’ – Thames Barge oil on linen 12″ x 16″ – Lee Campbell

‘High Country Jade’ 30″ x 40″ oil on canvas – Lee Campbell

                                          ‘Cascade’ oil on canvas 24″ x 30″ –  Lee Campbell


Winter Open Studios Eel Pie Island – 2 -3 December 2017 – Many thanks to all our visitors over the weekend – the event goes from strength to strength and we look forward to repeating this over 2 weekends in the summer.

Latest Oil Paintings

The following 4 paintings are currently on display in the dining room at The Albany, 1 Queens Rd. Twickenham. Tel: 0208 8911777

                                      ‘Autumn Glow’ oil on canvas 32″ x 32″ – Lee Campbell

                        ‘East” & ‘West’ oil on canvas 31″ x 12″ x 2 oil on canvas – Lee Campbell

                                            ‘First Frost’ oil on canvas 31.5″ x 12″ – Lee Campbell

                       ‘Autumn Drift’ oil on canvas 28″ x 36″ Lee Campbell SOLD

                                        ‘Rhapsody’ oil on canvas  28″ x 56″ – Lee Campbell

                    ‘September View’ oil on canvas 20″ x 28″ – Lee Campbell  SOLD

                             ‘City View – Richmond Park’ oil on linen 20″ x 28″ – Lee Campbell

                                         ‘First Light’ oil on canvas 24″ x 24″ – Lee Campbell SOLD

                                    ‘Autumn Glow’ 12″ x 12″ oil on canvas – Lee Campbell

‘Roi Soleil’  oil on canvas 32″ x 32″ – Lee Campbell SOLD

‘Morning Mist’ oil on canvas 24″ x 32″ – Lee Campbell

                               ‘New Day’ oil on canvas 12″ x 16″ – Lee Campbell

‘Misty Blue’ oil on canvas 32″ x 32″ – Lee Campbell SOLD

                                              ‘Sonata’ oil on canvas 12″ x 16″ – Lee Campbell

                                                 ‘Stratum’ 30″ x 40″ oil on canvas Lee Campbell

The above painting is a return to a subject used during my residency at NLP in 2008 inspired by images of metal fatigue and similar highly magnified cross section images.

                ‘Cosmos I & II’ oil on canvas 2 x panels 28″ x 28″ – Lee Campbell    SOLD




‘Eel Pie Summer ’17’ – Studio visitors welcome

Delighted to see my work on display in the restaurant at The Albany here in Twickenham:

                        ‘Homecoming’ oil on canvas  32″ x 32″ – Lee Campbell

River Mist oil on canvas
32″ x 12″ – Lee Campbell

They do the best homemade ice cream too.

Many thanks to all our visitors who made both Open Studio weekends a great success.

I welcome visitors and am usually working in the weekends but best to call first to be sure : 07900242997      I currently have a wide range of work from tiny miniatures 4″ x 4″ to a three – panel hinged room screen 5′ x 5′.

As well as medium sized oil on canvas paintings I have the following oil paintings of local scenes on paper which are ready to frame – prices range from £9 to £120 :

‘Twickenham Rowing Club’  – Lee Campbell

‘Twickenham Riverside’ – Lee Campbell

‘Orleans Spring’ – Lee Campbell

‘Richmond Bridge’ – Lee Campbell

‘October Light’ – Lee Campbell

‘Richmond Sunset I’ – Lee Campbell

‘Richmond Sunset II’ – Lee Campbell

‘River Mist’ – Lee Campbell

‘Roses Pink”  – Lee Campbell

‘Resting’ – Lee Campbell

One of a selection of miniature oil paintings as cards, ready to frame.

‘Twickenham Spring’  – Lee Campbell          Available as a print or greeting card.

For full selection of artworks and sizes please see

                                  Commissions welcome

Recent commissions:

                                ‘Buddah’  – Lee Campbell oil on canvas  24″ x 14″

‘Harvard Yard’ 30″ x 40″ oil on canvas – Lee Campbell

                           ‘The View’  – Lee Campbell 18″ x 26″ Oil on canvas

Tranquillity III’ –  Folding room screen with three panels 150cm x 150cm

Detail of Screen


Summer 2014 Eel Pie Island

Timeless - Lee Campbell

‘Timeless’ – Lee Campbell


Lee’s studio Eel Pie Island


Sun shining on oil painting. Otherwise muted colours come to life and glow.

Sun shining on oil painting. Otherwise muted colours come to life and glow.


2014-06-27 12.01.16

Eel Pie Boatyard

Eel Pie Boatyard

Lovely blog about the history of Eel Pie Island (wish there was a better pic of me though):

It’s been a very busy month preparing work for Art District:  a fine art gallery in Amsterdam who have commissioned a series of large paintings 130cm x 130cm. These are loose atmospheric landscapes inspired by Turner and a delight to do. Having been doing finely detailed miniature paintings 10cm x10cm for greeting cards working on a large scale allows grand gestures and require a lot of energy.

The cards are ready to frame and at only £8 ea provide an affordable way to own an original oil painting.

3 cards

'Awakening' oil on canvas Lee Campbell

‘Awakening’ oil on canvas Lee Campbell

New work available this month includes the following paintings:

'Lake of Memories' oil on canvas -  Lee Campbell

‘Lake of Memories’ oil on canvas – Lee Campbell

'Second Revelation' oil on canvas Lee Campbell

‘Second Revelation’ oil on canvas Lee Campbell

'Arcadian Thames' oil on canvas Lee Campbell 2014

‘Arcadian Thames’ oil on canvas Lee Campbell 2014

Mythologique - Lee Campbell

Mythologique – Lee Campbell

Studio Clearance

To make space I am also offering big discounts on a selection of older paintings – see below :

'Rendezvous' oil on canvas Lee Campbell

‘Rendezvous’ oil on canvas Lee Campbell

Golden Pond - Lee Campbell

‘Golden Pond’ – Lee Campbell

'Gold Heart' oil on canvas Lee Campbell

‘Gold Heart’ oil on canvas Lee Campbell

The Dreaming - Lee Campbell

‘The Dreaming’ oil on canvas – Lee Campbell

Other news

The Bridgeman Art Library  has a large selection of my older work on their website: Art Library including work from New Zealand, Canterbury and Brighton. These paintings are now available as prints or for reproduction:

'Canterbury West' - Lee Campbell

‘Canterbury West’ – Lee Campbell

Brighton View - Lee Campbell

‘Brighton View’ – Lee Campbell

Bonar Creigh Carew - Lee Campbell

‘Bonar Creigh, Carew’ – Lee Campbell


Royal Ballet School/White Lodge Project

‘White Lodge’ oil on canvas – Lee Campbell

‘Frozen Light’ oil on canvas – Lee Campbell

Since August I have been working with The Royal Ballet School at their White Lodge site in Richmond Park.  Feeling at a bit of a loss since the Byrne Bros project was completed, I approached the Ballet School and was delighted when they agreed to allow me access to White Lodge over the summer. The exhibition at The Portland Gallery will contain over 20 paintings produced as I immersed myself in this fabulous environment.

I was given access to the archive where I was allowed to photograph the old ballet shoes worn by Dame Margot Fonteyn. It was a real privilege and I could only imagine how her feet would have felt at the end of a performance.

‘Dame Margot’s Shoes’ – oil on canvas Lee Campbell

The forest surrounding the lodge contains many ancient oak trees and these have become part of the body of work along with the resident deer that inhabit Richmond Park. It was gloriously hot August day in Richmond Park as I navigated my way slowly past a heard of fallow bucks who were camped on the roadside and munching happily in the morning sun and flicking away flies with their antlered heads. There are over 300 fallow deer in the park and approximately the same number of red deer.

‘Majesty’ oil on canvas Lee Campbell

‘Majesty’ is available as a print from

The view of the Lodge from the bottom of the hill was magnificent and I paused to admire the ancient oaks rising in a stately fashion form the bracken but I wanted to imagine how it would look dressed in autumn colours and late afternoon shadows.

‘Autumnal’ oil on canvas – Lee Campbell

The interior was equally fabulous and the first image I concentrated on was the main ballroom’s chandeliers and I attempted to capture this spectacle using mirrors and an unusual format:

‘Paradox’ oil on canvas – Lee Campbell

Continuing on a the theme of paradoxes I used ornate railings as a device to separate the dimensions within Le Reflet de la Lune which was given it’s title by my clever  student Sandra who speaks French fluently.

‘Le Reflet de la Lune’ oil on canvas – Lee Campbell

I have also used tiny shoes as a means to return to still life painting, I find this to be a necessary balance to working from my imagination. With several weeks to go now to the opening I have still to complete a painting of floating feathers and hopefully one of oak leaves.

‘Satin & Velvet’ oil on panel – Lee Campbell

‘Tiny Dancer’ oil on panel – Lee Campbell

The show has also given me a chance to explore  the mixed media collages that I enjoy in between paintings:

‘Connections’ mixed media – Lee Campbell

and to revisit the theme of bubbles:

‘The Entrance’ Oil on canvas – Lee Campbell

and works that simply suggested the ethereal atmosphere:

‘Borne on the Mist’ oil on canvas – Lee Campbell

However it was the Costume Room that provided the most colourful and rich cacophony of textures and vibrancy. I found rows of tutus stacked kebab fashion and hanging joyfully, hats, props and shoes patiently awaiting the next performance so I have returned to a technique of oil on paper to capture the delicacy and transparency of the fabrics:

‘Costumes II’ oil on paper-Lee Campbell

‘Costumes III’ oil on paper-Lee Campbell

‘Costumes IV’ oil on paper-Lee Campbell

White Lodge is a neo-Classical Palladian building and a rich history dating back to 1727 and built for George II. Since 1955 it has been home to the Royal Ballet Lower School which was founded by Dame Ninette de Valois and has just had a £22 million refurbishment.
The students are comprised of 120 11-16 year olds and among the allumni is Darcy Bussell and there are approximately the same number of staff attached to the complex.

There is a Museum in the crescent wing which has been imaginatively and instructionally designed to trace the history of ballet parallel with the history of White Lodge – Tel. 0208 3928440

Richmond Park has been designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest and a National Nature Reserve. The royal connections to this park probably go back further than any of the others, beginning with Edward (1272-1307), when the area was known as the Manor of Sheen. The name was changed to Richmond during Henry VII’s reign.

‘Park Light II’ – oil on paper Lee Campbell

‘Park Light III’ – oil on paper Lee Campbell

‘Park Light IV’ oil on paper -Lee Campbell

Exploring the building I enter through the rear of the building to discover it almost deserted except for some workmen and the security guard –
What a delight to have the freedom to explore this extraordinary interior alone. Beginning in the lower brick tunnels which link the classrooms and dance studios I crept respectfully through taking photos of all before me.

‘Light Pools’ – photo – Lee Campbell

Light effects ….on the shiny floors seemed to echo with the steps of dancers past and the kids artwork.
Moving through to the spectacular front of the house I noticed the ornate details and the statue of a dancer:

Looking out across the park to the lake I could see tiny figures moving slowly in the distant heat. The Shard which I had painted during my last project was visible trusting upwards through the heat-haze on my way up the hill.

‘Allegory’ oil on canvas -Lee Campbell

The garden  had a display of gorgeous old roses which smelled heavenly and sculptured trees statues and a summer house.

‘Misty Forest’ oil on panel -Lee Campbell

Holly the ‘muse hound’ dreams of being a dancer