Sun Dogs and Fat Birds in Love

‘Epiphany’ – Lee Campbell

Update Feb 2012

See fabulous photo of a Sun Dog on BBC weather site:http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/feeds/16945733

After a month of working on moody misty landscapes like the one above, the arrival of spring means that my painting is due to take on a more colourful attitude any day now. Coming from the South Pacific where the colours are brighter means that using bright strong colours comes naturally so it has been a real challenge to find beauty in subtle neutral shades – one I enjoy – but occasionally I need to replenish my soul with deep turquoise blues and red golden purples.

I’ve been exploring atmospheric optical effects and the latest I’ve found are Halos, Moon and Sun Dogs – A circular halo, is formed by the refraction of sun or moonlight through cloud suspended ice crystals as opposed to raindrops or other liquid water suspended in the air. Sometimes only arc sections are visible as opposed to a full circle. Brighter sections can occur above, below, and lateral to the center (where the sun is visible). The lateral bright areas are referred to as “sun dogs,” “parhelia” (plural), or mock suns because of their bright appearance and possible confusion with the actual location of the sun.

The use of this awesome phenomena may be a way to introduce more colour while keeping the ghostly atmosphere in the landscapes.

With spring’s arrival our wood pigeons have been very active and are keeping us entertained with their antics.The one on the right (we assume to be the male) has lost part of his foot while seeing off a rival but he seems to be doing OK and has learned to balance even in the wind with only one claw. They are nesting in the lime tree outside our kitchen window.

Fat bird has duvet day

Columba Palumbus

Columba Palumbus

That Monday morning feeling! This was the sight that greeted me along with a note under my studio door one soggy Monday. Some people have owls to deliver messages ……


Steve’s new web site for his Sound Production company is launched  http://www.dazzlesoundproductions.co.uk

Sound Recording – Music Production – Audio Restoration

Smashing photos of the equipment by Anthony Wood


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